Dining room extension with staircase, Granton, Edinburgh

House Extensions

Kitchen below bespoke stainless steel roof tie, Gordon Terrace, Newington, Edinburgh.

Give Yourself Some Space

You can move house to gain that extra space and pay for estate agent, pay for a property survey, pay for conveyancing, an EPC, the valuation fee, removal costs, postal redirection and stamp duty on top of the purchase price of the larger house. Or you can stay at home and build your dream.

When SHS BURRIDGE ARCHITECTS design your new extension, we help you reconfigure your home to fit the way you live.

More than just another room, we work with you to optimise and increase the space in your home to match your needs.

Our extensions create homes that are brighter and warmer. They connect the indoor and outside areas and give you more space to breath.

Using modern techniques, we can flood a room with natural light but keep it warm in winter and cool in summer.

Adapt your house around your family. Let SHS BURRIDGE ARCHITECTS design space for you – beautiful and comfortable, your new favourite place.

Frameless glass extension onto garden patio, Dartmouth park, London.

Planning Permissions

London, Dartmouth Park

House Extensions

Granton, Edinburgh

Building Warrants

Tigh Beag, Cairn Gorms National Park

Bespoke Houses

: Flower House - Scotland’s Housing Expo winner for state-of-the-art sustainable housing.

Listed Building Consent

Moray Place, Edinburgh, New Town World Heritage Site (grade A listed building)


White kitchen at Garscube Terrace, Murrayfield, Edinburgh.
Moray Place, Edinburgh, New Town World Heritage Site (grade A listed building)